One of the biggest benefits of being part of a digital marketing startup is the ability to choose the clients we work with. While not every digital marketing agency can be so picky (gotta still pay the bills and cut the cheques, am I right?), being your own boss or working closely with upper management allows startups to collaborate with clients they truly vibe with.  And because we’ve avoided that digital marketing desperation, our client base has remained within a few niche industries. Thanks to this exclusivity, Adigma has become experts in their market. 

The tools, strategies and communication styles we’ve developed while working with these niche clients are tailored specifically to them and clients like them. Interested in our exclusivity? Check out who we work with and just exactly how we do it.

Our Current Client Industries

If you’re a business owner or marketer looking for some outside assistance, then you might be wondering if you meet our client criteria. While we enjoying vibing with most of our potential clients, our experience and tools have helped us better serve those in: 

  • Storage and self-storage
  • eCommerce 
  • B2B collaborations
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Residential & commercial moving

Fortunately for most business owners, these categories may already match their business model. eCommerce alone accounted for $3.5T of sales worldwide in 2019. Regardless of what Amazon believes, however, the world doesn’t just run on eCommerce. 

Speaking of global enterprises, those of you who are international clients will be happy to know that Adigma is not exclusive to working with clients in the states. We’re proud to say that we have clients in Singapore, China and Australia, and look forward to offering digital marketing to others across the globe.

So, if you like what you see and are interested in collaborating, give us a shout. After some terrible icebreakers, who knows? We might just work wonders together.

Who We’d Like to Work With

If you had your own business, you’d want to collaborate with only the best of the best, the coolest kids on the block, the big wigs and the divinely inspired, right? Well, us too! While we currently only collaborate with vetted clientele, we’re always looking to work with businesses that share similar values. 

At Adigma, we want to collaborate with businesses who are:

  1. Committed to their marketing
    1. You have a budget set aside for at least a year of marketing and are stoked to get started
  2. Goal-oriented and are of what they’d like to accomplish
    1. You’ve seen enough of your industry to know what pushes the needle and how you want to grow your business
  3. Utilizing their market/services/products to be consumer-focused
    1. You put your customers first and are looking for an agency that does the same

While we don’t expect all of our potential clients to know the depths of SEO or PPC marketing, we do want you to come with an open mind, patience and understanding while working with us. You won’t get to the moon overnight, but with time and a little elbow grease, we can be the rocketship that gets you there. 

How We Do It

You hear it everywhere: retention is key. Why? Well, maybe because for most digital marketing agencies, it can take 4-6 months before business with clients actually becomes profitable. In order to keep clients on for that short amount of time, it’s essential to have, at the very least, a working relationship with them. If you’d like to keep them on longer, then your relationship will need a little bit more. 

Ideally, it would be great to maintain B2B relations that are all sunshine and rainbows. Or for some, B2B relations that include bro hangs and Friday lunches. Some clients, however, aren’t interested in becoming buddy-buddy with the agencies they work with, and that’s okay. Retention may be key, but without a few added elements, your retention is going out the window.

  • Your Clients Need Your Passion

    Being blase might work in other office jobs, but so much of marketing is about performance — and we don’t mean your ads performing. Businesses are looking to you to bring the fire to their relationship and your strategy.

    Why? Because passion often leads to initiative.

    If a client sees you’re excited about their digital marketing, then you’ve given them confidence in your ability to go the extra mile. When you’re passionate, charismatic and love what you do (assuming you love working in digital marketing), then your clients will feel the same. 

    Take ownership of your passion and your initiative, and guide these poor, unfortunate souls on the best digital marketing experience of their lives.

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    If the whole ‘retention is key’ saying is everywhere, then the push for better communication is the clickbait that got you here in the first place. There’s a good reason for it, though, because it’s true. Adigma retains all of our happy clients because we communicate, and we’re doing it constantly. We enjoy not putting a price tag on our conversations with clients, as we understand 1) How confusing marketing can be and 2) Clients sometimes need a little bit of reassurance every so often.

    Never leave clients in the dark. Always ask for approval, and double — even triple check just to be sure. So go forth and call, video chat, IM, email and visit away with your dear clients. It’s better to annoy them with questions and collateral than to ghost them for a few days.
  • Don’t Push Your Luck, Buddy

    Upsells aside, how often do you push your clients? Be honest with yourself. It could be pushback on A/B testing, billing or even disagreeing on a project. Remember, not all of your communications will have happy endings, as your retention is likely not perfect.

    Disagreements happen in every kind of relationship. It happens. What’s important, though, is that you continue to keep an open mind and look at every disagreement from a different perspective. What are you learning from this? Could this have been caused by something you did or missed? How can this help your relationship in the future?

    Sometimes, we surprise ourselves by what we find. Like any relationship, keeping an alternative perspective is encouraged, and sometimes compromising is better than nothing.

There are no hacks, no key strategies and no secret formulas to how Adigma operates. The same is true for good business in general: you can’t buy your way into operating honestly. We know the mail-order client idea sounds great in theory, but you’ll never get the same, authentic experience from the blood, sweat and tears that you invest into your clients (however sassy they may be).

If you’d like to learn more about Adigma, our tips or even how you can collaborate with us, check out our blog or contact us directly. Happy marketing!