You’ve hit a wall. You feel as though you’ve lost all inspiration and have no clue how to climb over this creative plateau. It’s okay, as it happens to all of us. Business owners and digital marketers in the self-storage industry often experience this feeling when creative campaigns for new facilities, customers and self-storage features hit an all-time low. 

Self-storage sales, advertising and digital marketing efforts do a stellar job at keeping things interesting, but the biggest impact usually always trickles back to your SEO web content.

But if your facility is live on the World Wide Web, your SEO web content has a massive impact on your blogs, your product pages and most importantly, your storage facility descriptions.

For those maintaining one self-storage facility and wondering if any of the tips below will work for them, don’t worry. All the rules mentioned will still apply.  The masters of self-storage digital marketing are proud to unveil the web content SEO secrets used to craft such killer storage facility descriptions.

The Big Secret: Location-Based SEO

How in the world could something as basic as local SEO stoke the fires of our inspiration? It’s really quite simple. Self-storage facilities trust Adigma with our SEO expertise to fill in the gaps of their web content through reporting, crafting and implementing SEO solutions. By plugging these holes that could potentially sink their ship, we frequently find duplicated content throughout self-storage websites. If a facility or location is part of a bigger franchise, the damage can be more extensive.

With larger, overarching self-storage brands, content is often composed initially, the copy/pasted throughout individual self-storage facilities to quickly cover all the bases. While this may seem like a quick win, Adigma has some integral SEO words of wisdom: don’t do this. The implications will be devastating to your business and overarching brand.

Every location deserves to be treated as the special snowflake it is, and the easiest, most effective way to execute that special treatment is through geotargeting. By extracting pivotal details, nearby attractions, famous landmarks and streets, you can craft the perfect batch of original, homebrewed content.

Besides, when an audience can relate to a brand, they’re more likely to bring their business to you than the other guy.

Incorporating Self-Storage Local SEO

In the last paragraph, we mentioned a few ways to effectively incorporate local SEO:

  1. Do make it useful. Highlight details about the facility’s location, e.g., local attractions, restaurants, populace types, cross-streets etc. 
  2. Don’t copy/paste duplicate content across your website 

Though essential details to include, there are ways to improperly implement these factors. What you need to season the message to perfection is a lil razzle-dazzle.


Every brand has its own personality, even self-storage facilities. While maintaining professionalism, try seasoning every self-storage facility description with puns, alliterations and relatable anecdotes. Potential and new customers are looking for relationships with their service providers, and the best way to cultivate customer relationships (other than through a stellar social media presence) is with authenticity.


This incredibly simple and reasonable factor is overlooked way more than should be acceptable. In our line of work, it’s not uncommon to find facility descriptions riddled with typos, mechanical oversights and unobserved structural errors. Remember, you’re not just selling your storage unit rentals — you’re selling your brand. How you represent your facility reflects your competence as a service provider, which always comes full-circle back to generating trust.

With clean and precise self-storage facility descriptions, you can showcase your capabilities and professionalism without giving potential customers any reason to doubt your experience.


One of the last elements in writing killer self-storage facility descriptions and any web content, for that matter, ties closely back to being grammatically mature: writing and publishing with accuracy. While grammar and accuracy go hand-in-hand, the trust generated among observance remains the same. You’ll want to cultivate this trust in two very important parties: your customers and Google.

That’s right. The stakes have never been higher. While maintaining customer trust remains obvious, how in the world are facility managers supposed to create that trust with a search engine?

Google’s algorithms are constantly updating and changing, meaning your website rankings are consistently on the chopping block. With so much data being sifted through, uploaded and ranked, Google can (and will) look for inconsistencies within your web content. While this process impacts a number of other factors, one of the main reasons for constant content auditing is to ensure the best user experience.

So, if something doesn’t quite match up, like a street on your website that has been since re-routed, your website may suffer. To avoid that terrible fate, make sure you’re continually checking content, making updates and fixing mistakes to maintain accuracy.

Writing a killer facility description doesn’t require selling your soul or some crazy writing ritual to unlock the universe’s secrets. In fact, it really only requires one of the universe’s secrets, which is a huge relief. With excellent SEO content and with the help of geo-qualifiers, your self-storage website can shine.

For more digital marketing tips, or info on topics like geo-targeting, self-storage and location-based SEO, check out Adigma’s blog today.