It’s all about how you represent yourself. You can find a digital marketing agency on any street corner, but what makes it different from all the rest? What makes us unique?

What makes your business unique? 

That’s really the story we’re interested in: how you made it to where you are, and how Adigma can guide you through the multiverse of digital marketing. 

The Art & Science of Digital Marketing 

At Adigma, we break down your business and study out each atom to discover what makes it tick. We like to think of ourselves not only as scientists or even digital marketers but as artists who know how to apply the data and creativity of both. To achieve true success in digital marketing, your marketing team must invest in the curation of each — understanding and strategizing with your data and mastering the art of application. 

Through this brilliant blend of art, science and technology, we’ve created our own digital marketing tools and paired them with industry best practices, bringing your best results to life. 

The greatest part is that by doing this, we create each solution just for you. 

It’s a beautiful sentiment — quite romantic, really. But what does it look like? How does Adigma sculpt and cultivate and strategize to unite businesses with their success? By coupling intrinsic aspects of your business — even to the point of trying out your products and services for ourselves — to experience what makes your brand tick from the inside out. 

Talk about empathy. But it’s true! By deriving the fundamental qualities out of your business and pairing them with the fundamental solutions from the best digital marketing practices, we can work with your business as seamlessly as an in-house marketing team. 

At Adigma, we win when you win, and that’s the only way to play the digital marketing game. 

Who We Work With & How We Do It 

Business is business, right? Well, no. How can anyone find success in an undefined market with one-size fits-all services? It still boggles our brains. 

Adigma is proud to work almost exclusively with a select few of the raddest brands across the globe. We’ve crafted some of the best marketing tools for niche markets in:

  •  eCommerce
    • eCommerce masters who casually throw out words like ‘price parity’ and ‘MAP violations.’
  • Multi Location-Based Business
    • Catering to those with multiple locations across the globe
  • Consumer Products
    • If this needs explained, it’s probably not your business model
  • B2B Account-Based Marketing
    • We’re friends with businesses who are friends with businesses

Our specialties lie in paid media and SEO with over 35 years of experience in diverse fields, allowing us to utilize a kaleidoscope of tactics such as paid social, PPC and SEO strategies for industry-specific results. 

As our specialties expand, so does our physical presence. Our team headquarters are located in Lehi, UT, despite having additional offices in Hong Kong, China, and we’re still growing! 

With a balanced blend of organic and paid marketing, our partners can experience the results of a one-two punch strategy first hand. Plus, our mantra will never include marketing packages, hours or services. We’re here to deliver solutions and their results based on your business’s needs. If that isn’t enough, trust, transparency and the solutions we provide will win you over every time. 

As your solution providers, we’re done with the ‘over-promise, under-deliver’ mentality. Instead, we’re here to go where no digital marketing agency has gone before by providing results that are out of this world. 

Discover how Adigma can plug your business into our digital marketing equation through the art and science of your business today.