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Email is older than Myspace, yet somehow it’s still the best channel for direct marketing. We’re not complaining because we can draft, optimize, segment, execute, automate, and track email like it’s nobody’s business. Well, it is our business, but you get the idea.

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Good luck choosing which of the million-and-one databases, segment filters, templates, trackers, and delivery solutions to use for email. Let us choose for you while you worry about the other stuff.


It happens: brands don’t realize they have compromised domains or a bad IP-sender reputation, and their entire campaign budget is wasted on emails going straight to spam—ufff. Yeah, we’ll help you avoid that.


There are only four segments that matter: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenc—just kidding, we use our own methods to segment your audiences based on data we pull from social, buyer journeys, web traffic, and more. No talking hats.


Automation probably sounds like we just schedule posts and hit the beach, but we’re actually constantly optimizing timing, and we stick around to track performance across the campaign. Hawaiian shirt Fridays though.


Cool template bro. Would be a shame if another company used the same one. If only an agency could make you a custom design with professional copy. If only there was an agency that could do all that . . .


We can see way more than just how many opens, click-throughs, and conversions happened. With the data we pull, we can map behavior patterns and hone our A/B tests to quickly improve conversion rates. Did we mention we’re really good at email?

The Adigma Way


No matter your digital marketing needs, Adigma is here to be your trusted partner. We have all the knowledge and skills your company needs to level-up.

“They genuinely care about their employees and their clients. Adigma goes above and beyond for clients and employees.”

-Andrea, Digital Limited

“Adigma made me more money. Period.”

-David, Holdings Limited

“The marketing wizards at Adigma saved my company. They're the reason I'm still in business.”

-Angel, Gun Safe Storage

“I've never seen ROI like this...Adigma makes marketing look like magic.”

-Eduardo, Stock First

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