If you’re not using measurement systems, you might as well be cooking dinner with the lights off. Everything we make is trackable so we can see and analyze the data that helps us target customers with pin-point precision. With performance insights, we know what’s working and what isn’t. Let’s keep the lights on.

We see everything:

Marketing Tracking

Which marketing source is converting the best? Are you tracking last-click attribution? What other marketing materials did a converted customer see or engage with before their purchase? It’s awfully hard to know these things if you aren’t properly tracking your marketing sources and traffic to your site. Let us help you make sure you are tracking your marketing touch-points at a detailed level so future marketing decisions are being made with REAL DATA INSIGHTS.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation seems kinda abstract, but really it’s just looking at how digital technology is understood and then applied in daily work processes at every level in a company. From a marketing perspective, that means you don’t need to blast out a message and cross your fingers that it will work. With so much behavior being tracked at an individual level, smart marketing professionals (like… I don’t know…. us) know exactly what each consumers interest level is, allowing us to influence behaviors more than ever before.

CMS Integration

When you set-up your website/business… did you add CMS capabilities into your site? If not, in order to stay on top of evolving data and technology opportunities, you need to integrate a great content management system that will establish processes and technologies to support the collection, management, and publishing of information. Daunting if you don’t know what that will take…. but lucky for you we do!

The Adigma Way


No matter your digital marketing needs, Adigma is here to be your trusted partner. We have all the knowledge and skills your company needs to level-up.

“They genuinely care about their employees and their clients. Adigma goes above and beyond for clients and employees.”

-Andrea, Digital Limited

“Adigma made me more money. Period.”

-David, Holdings Limited

“The marketing wizards at Adigma saved my company. They're the reason I'm still in business.”

-Angel, Gun Safe Storage

“I've never seen ROI like this...Adigma makes marketing look like magic.”

-Eduardo, Stock First

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