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Think about the last time you needed an honest mechanic, tasty thai takeout, or a hopping happy hour… you probably grabbed your phone (or opened a browser window on your laptop) and searched with a specific word plus the city. With 1 in 5 online searches being just that (not to mention location-specific searches made by consumers ready to make a purchase), no matter if you are a small businesses or a large franchise, can you afford to omit local search from your strategic marketing plan. Local search is how consumers look for your information online. We are here to make sure your company is always at the top of the search results!

We do this by being experts in:


Getting top-ranking in your desired keywords is the perfect example of blending art and science. We know the tips and tricks and stay on-top of Google’s (and the other search engines) constant changes so you aren’t left guessing and wondering why you can’t get to the top of those darn search results.


Don’t get squeamish… search engine spiders are something you want crawling your site! We can guide you to making important website and server optimizations so that your site is indexed more effectively… which improves your organic rankings.

Content Optimization

SEO relies not just on metadata and backlinks… so much of it is dependent on your content. Publishing quality, useful content across your website, blog, and social media accounts will improve your website’s relevance. This will increase your site’s SEO power. So many content elements to consider… let us help you make them perform.

Link Outreach

Do you like spending hours building your backlink partnerships? We’re guessing you don’t. But that’s why we are willing to take it on, using strategy and a little elbow grease to focus on strategically developing the right relationships for your business to be successful.

Video SEO

Great videos can do more than create brand awareness. They can be a valuable part of your SEO marketing strategy. They help build links, generate social shares, and when your video content is optimized properly, it can be indexed and ranked on search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. These things ALL have to be thought about and planned for from the early conception of your video.

The Adigma Way


No matter your digital marketing needs, Adigma is here to be your trusted partner. We have all the knowledge and skills your company needs to level-up.

“They genuinely care about their employees and their clients. Adigma goes above and beyond for clients and employees.”

-Andrea, Digital Limited

“Adigma made me more money. Period.”

-David, Holdings Limited

“The marketing wizards at Adigma saved my company. They're the reason I'm still in business.”

-Angel, Gun Safe Storage

“I've never seen ROI like this...Adigma makes marketing look like magic.”

-Eduardo, Stock First

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