Our Technology


Clustering is an data mining method – we do not give it a target, we give it a general task.  Clustering is a method for grouping items by similarity. The clustering process utilized product attributes, marketing metrics, and details. 

Keywords Need Context
  • Converstion Rates + CPC
  • Geographies + Revenue
  • Devices + Sales
Products & Customers
  • Product Cluster, Ad Cluster, Bid Cluster
  • Value props: Products with Low Data
  • Existing V.S. brand/non-brand, locations, “products”, customers

customer segmentation

We identify & create your customer audiences and then bid at a keyword level.  This allows us to target based on customer intent, remarket to past visitors and target the right audience at the right time.  

campaign builder

Using our campaign builder technology we created and launched marketing accounts for over 50 locations in 24 hours.  Part of this creation included unique location information, offers, and inventory data.  We provide our clients with an interface to view advertising performance and online and offline phone tracking with the ability to document and listen to calls. 

Best for franchises and businesess with multiple locations, our customized campaign builder saves you time and money and allows you to quickly have your paid search campaigns up and running in no time. 

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