Our People

Cameron Urry
Co-Founder & COO
Probably a robot overlord. We can’t confirm that though so he gets to stay in our organization. Loves music and studying “humans” using analytics tools and big data.
Gabe Thayn
Co-Founder & CEO
Marketing whisperer with 12+ years of experience. Loves taking long walks on the beach with partners nerding out about the data and growth solutions.
Mike Smith
Co-Founder & CIO
With a background in IT and internet marketing, Mike specializes in the technical aspects of advertising. Well-versed in various ad and analytics platforms, his goal is to give companies the data they need to make successful decisions.
Michael Bingham
Account Director
Expert with more than 20 years of diverse account management experience, working side-by-side with budding local, prominent national and globally recognizable brands (B2B/B2C) to strategize and execute their digital marketing initiatives.
Keirsten Van Hoek
Creative Director
Self proclaimed pixel wizard and metal head. Award-winning designer who loves design challenges, UX, product development, and building robots.
Rebekah Smith
Social Media Manager
A sweet & spicy marketer specializing in Social Media and Operations, with the goal to bring art and data into a beautifully organized solution.
Josh Summerhays
Paid Media Sr. Manager
Marketing and product veteran with 15 years of experience in paid search, lead generation, conversion optimization, user testing, and product development.
Stephanie Gifford
SEO Marketing Manager
SEO mastermind providing data driven organic SEO success from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the world.
Natalie New
Content Manager
Content creation specialist, PNW native and D&D fiend with 6 years of experience in content strategy, editorial management and copywriting for leading digital marketing enterprises.
Jason Thompson
Paid Media Manager
Expert Digital Marketer with a focus on Paid Media Channels.

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